New revenue generating platform from 123on disrupts global digital strategies – accelerating with Växtzon

With support from Google, 123on has developed a new fan engagement platform that helps groups like influencers, associations, artists or athletes become more engaged with their target audiences while also monetize their interests and their passions. The company is estimated to be able to generate revenues of more than SEK 100 million and has thus been accepted into the Växtzon partnership project, under which selected companies in Eastern Central Sweden gain access to the region’s networks and expertise, which in turn help the company achieve rapid global growth.

The Uppsala company 123on is one of about 30 companies in Eastern Central Sweden that have been selected to receive collective support from the Växtzon partnership project, under which nine business incubators and science parks in Eastern Central Sweden jointly contribute national and international networks and expertise to help the company achieve revenues of at least SEK 100 million. The local Växtzon branch in Uppsala is operated by the business incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre, which also previously helped 123on at an early stage of its business development.

As part of Google’s startup program, 123on has developed a new scalable platform for communications with a focus on short video clips.

“Communication methods have changed rapidly with social media, and new stars and new global target groups are born on a daily basis. Despite great content and close relationships with their target groups, the challenge lies in being able to monetize one’s interests and passions. Content providers are often forced to work or find other sources of income,” says Mikael Jansson, CEO and founder of 123on.

123on’s platform gives individuals, associations or companies that own the rights to their digital material full control of all published material. We help them to create new revenues, both directly by way of advertisements and by directing the target group to, for example, buy tickets and merchandise, listen to a song on Spotify, watch a match live or watch a video on YouTube. Meanwhile, the technology allows for greater insights into the target group, which can help strengthen relationships.

“The timing for us is perfect. We are currently entering an expansion phase and have seen substantial demand among groups including influencers, artists, athletes, film companies or associations that now have the ability to truly monetize their digital marketing and communications in a way that was not possible before without competing with other platforms or strategies. Meanwhile, we are creating considerable added-value for a loyal audience with greater engagement. The collaboration with Växtzon gives us a key growth injection and an amazing ability to harness the network and expertise available among incubators and science parks in the region,” adds Mikael Jansson of 123on.

“123on has considerable potential to keep growing and achieve revenues of more than SEK 100 million. We are pleased that the former UIC company has been accepted into Växtzon Accelerator and thus has the opportunity to achieve faster and more secure growth. We believe there to be enormous demand for smart and revenue-generating solutions for in mobile units. Under the Växtzon partnership project, 123on gains access to contacts and expertise from the business community and the region’s five universities,” says Michael Camitz of UIC, and a Växtzon project manager.