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Maximize the value and convert your audience. It’s all about your content, your audience and your monetization.

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Our platform gives you a player with a slick and timeless look. Suitable for every business, maximizing the value for you and your audience at every stage. Succeed with a complete content strategy and CTA tailored to your needs.

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Video has proven to effectively generate sales, shortening the purchasing decisions and increasing conversion rates. With ease you can promote your products and activate your suppliers using our player. Enhancing the overall experience online.

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Content creators

Share content using our advertiser friendly player, where you can promote products or services. Brand safety is a priority and you will always be in control of your brand campaigns. Engagement is key for monetization.

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Change the way you connect with your audience

Video has proven to effectively generate sales, shortening purchasing decisions and increase conversion rates. That’s why you need an innovative platform securing your content and audience, your most valuable assets.

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It’s new. It’s revolutionary. It’s the way you want video to be.

Video is the most powerful engagement tool. At 123on we recognize the value of your content and audience to succeed with online video marketing.

123on is more than just another player. It’s an innovative tool allowing you to be in control of your own video content and any advertising displayed with it.

We’re a group of online video specialists and marketing professionals innovating the market as we know it today. 123on is Innovation, Passion and Relation!

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