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Here is a quick guide to getting the most out of our mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

123on is an interactive mobile video platform for fan engagement developed together with Google Engineers and Architects. It is the most fun and easiest way to follow and interact with your favorit interests.
  1. Once connected to Facebook you can interact with the world live by creating your own broadcast from you phone with live video and audio
  2. Click “Start a Broadcast”
  3. Enter Broadcast title and tag(s)
  4. Tell your friends via our messaging service or Facebook
  5. Click “Start Broadcast” and you’re live!
Simple!  Click Follow when watching a video from the channel or follow them in Discover more

You will receive a notification from the channel when:

  1. A new video is uploaded
  2. They’re live in a Broadcast
  3. They send a message or picture
If you have ideas for improvements or come across an issue that needs addressing please send your report to feedback@123on.com or from the app by click “more” in the top right corner.

We’d love to hear from you!